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Here at R3 motorsports we are in the midst of our second NASCAR Nationwide season with Maradyne fans as our exclusive choice for every application. We have had zero failures and have found the products to be superior in performance to alternative products available for racing purposes. As a veteran of over 20 years in the NASCAR industry I can personally endorse Maradyne products.

Greg Connor

Greg Connor

Crew Chief, R3 Motorsports


Thanks for your help on this fan issue… I am sold on your customer service as you got me a replacement fan assembly immediately.

I will definitely use Maradyne fans again (Dual Challenger MC162K’s & Homemade Bracket).

Ernie Orwig

Ernie Orwig

Owner, Ford Truck

Thanks for all the advice and hooking me up with the Jetstreme II MJS22KC. This dual fan has almost complete (95%) sealed coverage over my Be Cool big block Chevy radiator! Wow do they pull some air- best I’ve seen at any show or friends car.


Mike McDermott

Mike McDermott

Owner, '68 El Camino SS 396
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