Improvements to the long-life motor include:

  • Increased brush length…The LL motor uses a 21mm brush, increased from 19mm on the standard motor.
  • The wire exit (red tab) on the LL is from the top face of the motor cap, allowing for an even better seal.
  • The LL motor is sealed with an O-ring whereas the standard motor uses a liquid silicone seal.
  • The LL motor is IP68 rated.  The standard motor is also IP68 rated.  No real improvement here but still very important.
  • Every LL model is motor seal tested before it leaves the factory – This is performed by applying a vacuum inside of the motor to insure that there are no leaks.
  • Improved 36 month warranty.
    • We believe in our product and this motor so much that we have extended our warranty from 12 months on fans with the standard motor, to 36 months for fans with the long-life motor.  I think this speaks for itself!  Link new, 36 month warranty.

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