After I called and talked to CJ about my truck the specs with what I was wanting to achieve he recommended the Jetstreme II Fan along with wiring and mounting kits that I would need. The Jetstreme II fan arrived with all the recommended parts for installation by CJ Clayton @ Maradyne. I was a little skeptical to start with using a universal type kit but was pleasantly surprised with the quality and nice looking parts. The wiring and mounting instructions and drawing were good and easy to understand. I chose to shorten and modify the wiring to fit my application to look like it came from the factory but I could have used the kit as it came and would have looked very good as well. The only changes I made was to shorten and lengthen a couple wires to suite my personal taste. The only other change I made was were and how I installed the adjustable thermostat. I choose to mount it with in the factory radiator support on my truck rather than use the bracket that came with the kit. This would be your personal preference but it gives you an idea of how you can hide and make the install as custom as you want to make it but my point is that this is a universal kit that comes with everything you need to make a nice neat install that most any car enthusiast can do with a few simple tools (you may need a few wire connectors and a little heat shrink) on a Saturday. The install only took a few hours. I did opt to weld some tabs on my radiator but again the kit had adequate pcs to install without welding tabs on (personal preference). After the install and checking the wiring connections and filling the radiator with some Maxima Coolanol High Performance 50/50 antifreeze and Cool-Aide coolant additive it was time to check and see how the Jetstreme II fan performed. I cranked the motor and brought it up to temp watching my temp gauge in anticipation of the fan kicking on. Once my gauge reached about 195 the fan kicked on and started to cool the engine I could actually see the temp gauge start to pull down and cool. I made a slight adjustment to the adjustable thermostat to be where I wanted the fan to come on (you only need to make small moves on the thermostat to make changes to the factory setting). After checking the radiator to make sure the system was full all the connections I went for a cruise to road test. Everything performed great I was impressed with the whole system. The fans are noticeable when they come on but remember you’re moving a lot of air so you can expect a little sound but no more than you get from your normal factory everyday modern vehicles. I did notice that the fans were very smooth well balanced (no vibration). So my take on the Maradyne fan kit is if you’re looking for a nice electric fan that performs as good as it looks and won’t break the bank this is the ticket! Give CJ and Maradyne a call to find out what you need to cool your hot rod.