Thanks for all the advice and hooking me up with the Jetstreme II MJS22KC. This dual fan has almost complete (95%) sealed coverage over my Be Cool big block Chevy radiator! Wow do they pull some air- best I’ve seen at any show or friends car.

With the 100 series and 111 (dual fan) harnesses, it makes a clean and well thought out install. As suggested by CJ I pulled the radiator for mounting (big plus in doing so, for a clean, safe, and proper fitment). All though I’m not using the temp sensor or A/C hook-ups (just yet), I wired fans for on/off with the ignition (another suggestion given to me, big block and all I need plenty of cooling!). Big plus in HP pick-up as well (not turning that 15+lbs stock fan blade) and keeping the overall temp under hood down, runs cooler which equals better pick-up, etc. I like the fact that when I go to add A/C I’ll have the relay items needed and ready to hook-up.

Amazing that others might buy the best oil, engine components etc. and then go cheapo on a fan????

You get what you pay for.

Thanks again Maradyne, these fans seem to be the best on the market!